Why You Should Supercharge Your Vehicle

Supercharging is when the air compressor increases the air pressure being supplied to the engine of the locomotive. This sudden increase in the pressure of air leads to increased oxygen in the engine allowing more fuel to be burned. Faster burning of fuel leads to increased work by the engine, causing the car to move faster due to more power production by the engine.

Superchargers and turbochargers

Superchargers and turbochargers are two different things which many people may not be able to tell apart because their function is the same. The main difference between these two is their source of power supply. While the turbocharger gets it supply of power from exhaust, the supercharger gets its power from a belt running through the engine. The exhauster in the turbocharger is run in a turbine which spins the compressor which in turn leads to production of more energy. The supercharger on the other hand receives power supply just like the alternator. The turbocharger is theoretically more efficient than the supercharger because it utilizes the energy that is in the exhaust stream considered as wasted. It is however not preferred by many people because it does not boost the engine effectively.

Why use superchargers

There are several advantages of using a supercharger in place of a turbocharger. Some of the benefits of a supercharger include;

The superchargers enable you to increase your car’s horsepower. Attaching asupercharger on a normal car will enable the car to go at high speeds just like other cars with a higher horsepower and more powerful engines. You can use it to renovate your car instead of necessarily having to buy a new one.

Superchargers do not lag. This is the time the engine needs to respond when the driver presses the gas pedal. Turbochargers often suffer lag because it will require some time for the exhaust gas to get to the required velocity to be able to propel the turbines. Superchargers are however directly driven by the crankshaft and therefore they do not lag. Remember though, when enhancing your vehicle with a supercharger, to install a proper refrigerated heat exchangers to keep the car cool.

They are cheaper. Superchargers are easy to install and maintain because they are simply installed on the engine. Turbochargers on the other hand require you to make some modification on your exhaust system so that they can operate. Tis process in tie consuming, expensive and difficult to maintain.

There is no special procedure to follow for shut down with the superchargers. This is because they can normally shut down. This is because they are not lubricated by the lubricating oil, which requires a few seconds to cool. Turbochargers on the
other hand are lubricated by engine oil and have to idle for around 30 seconds before you can shut down. This is done to allow the engine to cool.


Superchargers can be fitted in most cars so that they can be able to go at high speeds just like other cars with larger and superior engines. It is therefore a very economical way to renovate your car. Superchargers are better than turbochargers because they are easy and cheap to install and maintain. Superchargers are also very efficient because they do not lag. Superchargers are also effective than turbochargers because they do not need a shut down procedure.

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